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Custom Components - Drop Down List & Tool Tips/Help

Could we please have a Drop Down property type when creating custom components, so i can restrict their choices.

Also, baked in components have a hover tool tip in the IDE for their properties. That would be very useful for custom components. More so than baked in ones I think as they are not in the Anvil reference guide.


Yes - DropDown property type will come at some point. And try clicking the “>” arrow on the left hand side of the property row when you’re editing it :smile:. That UI will be improved before final release.


Sigh - I am not doing well at the moment :slight_smile:

Clicking that arrow does indeed allow me to enter tool tips, thank you very much. In my defence - tenuous as it is - the docs don’t mention it. That said i should have just clicked it anyway to see what it does. I’m going to click absolutely everything today just to be sure I’m not missing out on something :slight_smile:

One thing - what is “allow data binding write back”, and how do i use it?

Bear in mind that all of this comes with a large health-warning:

Custom Components are still in private beta, and subject to change without notice!

The documentation in particular will be improved before release.

“Allow data binding write-back” is not fully implemented yet. Watch this space!

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I didn’t realise they were in private beta - sorry.
Looking good, though :slight_smile:

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Now that I think i can safely presume that Custom Components are out of beta, it would be really great to have a dropdown option for Custom Properties :smile: