Custom button text on Stripe Form

When collecting credit card information using stripe.checkout.get_token(), the button text is labeled Pay (possibly with an amount included if it is specified). This makes good sense for a one-time payment, but if this form is used to start a subscription or to change a default credit card source, this text may not make sense to the end user.

See this post for additional context:

It would be nice to have the ability to customize the text displayed on this button to something like Update Card or Start Subscription instead of just Pay.


yes please this has caused many confused customers. does anyone know of a css workaround?

@meredydd do you know of a quick workaround for changing the text of the checkout.get_token() widget?

Running into the same issue. I was just curious if there have been any updates on this request?

A follow-up - does anyone know of any documentation or python way of finding out all the function arguments to stripe.checkout.charge? I couldn’t get the inspect module to work within Anvil for this case.

Or is the example from the docs all inclusive?

charge = stripe.checkout.charge(currency="GBP",
                                title="Acme Store",
                                description="3 Widgets",
                                icon_url=anvil.server.get_app_origin + "/_/theme/icon.png",

The API docs for that function suggest there is also shipping_address

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Has there been an update on this? !!