Connection forced to close problem

Im executing an uplink on a remote computer. This allways worked.
But since the last week the uplink is getting disconnected and when I try to connect it again I receive this exception:

[Winerror 10054] an existing connection was forced to be terminated by the remote server

Why is happening this and how can I solve it?

Check your uplink key to make sure you did not re-generate it in the Anvil IDE.

It could very well be something else, but since this is a generic Windows/Python "Remote server said: ‘I don’t like talking to you’ " error, the first thing I would check is credentials, then troubleshoot other direct-to-a-specific-server connection problems.
(Like firewall, or IP whitelisting, or other security software etc. )

I already checked and you are using the correct uplink key. It’s the currently showed on Anvil uplink window on the IDE.

Is there something in your code that runs a loop outside anvil.server.wait_forever() ?

That might be why it is not reconnecting properly?

Anvil has gone down or experienced degraded connections from time-to-time but there would be a whole ton of people having the same problem at the same time. For example I’m running 6 uplinks with live logs and they are all operating fine.

[Winerror 10054] an existing connection was forced to be terminated by the remote server

is an error you would see, but it’s also a generic windows error for being unable to establish, reconnect, or maintain a connection of any kind.

No, I don’t have any loop outside the wait_forever() that’s the end of the code. Do you think that could be about a problem on the computer itself? because I’m running two apps there and both are showing this same problem. This are running on a company server so it wouldn’t be strange that technology team
touched something that shouldn’t.

Yes, that’s very common, check here: