[Complete] Maintenance window: Sunday 13th November

Hi everyone,

This Sunday we need to do some maintenance that will interrupt access to your applications and to the Anvil editor for a few minutes. This will start at around 0800 UTC on Sunday the 13th Nov (that’s 0300 US Eastern time).

Apologies for any inconvenience - we’ll keep the downtime as short as we can, and we’ll update this thread to let you know when everything is back to normal afterwards.


Hi @daviesian
I happened to see this announcement just now…
As a paying user, is there a way to get notified of these important communications in a “push” fashion? An email to the registered account?
I’d like to reduce the risk of losing such communications, since the pre-alert time is so small (just a couple of days).
I’m open to alternatives.

Thanks and BR

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Click on the “Announcements” category and you should see a page like this, with the option shown in the top right:

Select “Watching” or “Watching First Post” and you should receive an email for each new announcement like this.


Hi all,

I’m pleased to say that the maintenance is now complete, with no measurable downtime recorded.