[CLOSED] Looking for a code mentor / tutor / QAQC / lifeguard

I am looking for: Someone to help build an app in Anvil. Specifically, I need help with QAQC on my code and someone to mentor me when I get stuck.

This job is: Contracting hourly

Location: This would be remote but EST (US), UK, EUR timezone will make it easier.

About the position:
I’m switching my MVP from Zoho Creator to Anvil to gain greater control and for cost reasons. The concept, market, etc. is clear but I’m back to square one on the development side. I’m non-technical and things like Anvil allow me to get myself into trouble so I’m making progress but I’m spending a lot of time stuck on things that I know are basic.

I spent an hour on a call the other day when I had to pay to watch someone watch the Anvil tutorials and then give me the wrong answer and I don’t think that’s the best approach.

So I’m looking for someone from within the Anvil community to see if they are interested in mentor / tutor / QAQC / developer for hire and someone to keep me out of trouble.

My aim is 1) to build an updated MVP and 2) learn how to build things properly myself in Anvil. Support might range from tutoring me on a screen-share to help me correct things as I go through to building a component that I’ve got no hope of doing by myself. This is not as clean an engagement as others out there and it might not appeal to many folks. I understand that 100% and if you’re not OK with the idea of a scrappy approach, this probably isn’t for you.

Time-wise, I am using now and would like help ASAP. There’s no end date on this (assuming the MVP gets traction) so if things work, this continues and evolves over the long-term until you oust me in a dramatic Boardroom coup d’etat just before the IPO.

One final point, I’ve worked as an hourly-rate consultant for a long time so I know how easy it is to get stiffed by someone who is trying to get time / help for free. So I try to be fair to other consultants; my rule is that if I am using an hour of your time, I pay for an hour. Therefore, if you are mentoring me, writing a piece of code or just chatting, an hour’s an hour.

How to apply:
Please email andrew@dcdr.io if you’re interested. Please let me know how long you’ve been working in Anvil and send a link to a project you’ve built if possible.