Building an app from YAML file?


Is it possible to create an app from an uploaded YAML file in Anvil? Was this functionality there at some point but later removed?
This app seems to allude to it:
But I couldn’t find this functionality anymore.

Does anyone have more info?


It would make sense to have it on the initial “Create a new app” page, but I did not find it there in the New IDE. I have not checked the Classic IDE, so you might try there, next.

I don’t think the yaml file has enough information to fully recreate the app. You can get some important information from the yaml file (e.g. the data table schema), but not everything.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Is it possible to switch between the two new editor and classic editor? I was not aware.

I am trying to follow the directions from the Push Notifications app (dependency):

It looks like your question was answered on the original thread: Push Notifications Dependency - #28 by divyeshlakhotia with a link to the classic editor. I’d assume the classic editor still has the yaml import feature (I don’t use the classic editor, so can’t confirm).


Oh, I’m not sure how I missed that. Thanks for pointing that out!

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