Build in Public: Web Scraping Marketplace made with Anvil

Hello :wave:

I don’t have anything to show yet but I started working on my idea of a Web Scraping Marketplace (of course made with Anvil) using Scrapy.

Why Scrapy? That’s one of the best selling course in Udemy hehe. Meaning I am new to Python and Scrapy so I’m learning along the way.

I chose to build this in public (in this community & LinkedIn / Twitter) to share my journey.

So far, I encountered this error and I don’t know if I can still be able to build this project with Anvil.

Follow my journey.

So I think I was able to make Scrapy run on Anvil.

I should download the result as file but I don’t know where it is. :sweat_smile:

So I’m thinking if it’s possible to put the result to a dataframe then from there, save it as CSV / JSON to the Data Files Service.

But I don’t know how to do it yet and that’s what I’m going to learn next. :wink:

Follow my journey. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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I don’t have any updates today.

I’m starting to think that pursuing this web scraping app is really hard to accomplish.

Lots of things that needs to consider like being blocked or something and many more.

I’m thinking of discontinuing / pausing this idea for now.

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Anvil covers up and abstracts away a lot of ugly details for building web apps, but not so much for consuming web apps, programmatically. This exposes you to several layers of web detail – and a lot of different ways people use those layers to build things for browsers. Those uses are normally hidden from ordinary browser users, so they may get messy or ugly or grossly inconsistent. It takes time to get familiar with that mess, and find (or build) effective ways for dealing with it. (I’ve shied away from it so far.)

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Here is my completely nothing to do with what you are doing analogy:
(philosophers hat on, programmers hat off)

You want to own and operate a bicycle powered food cart in a major metropolis that sells grilled vegetables fresh from the farm. This sounds like a fantastic Idea.

Right now you:

  1. Need to learn how to ride a bicycle. (many people know this part)
  2. Need to learn how to ride a bicycle with a food cart attached (less people know this)
  3. Need to learn to Grill food in general (many people, but not all know this well)
  4. Need to learn how to serve food to the public safely (many people, but not all know this, not everything is as straightforward as it seems at first glance)

After you have all of those skills you need to know:

  1. How to run a business
  2. How to file Permits with the city
  3. How to get fresh vegetables from a farm

After you know all of these things, you then need a cohesive product like anvil to make it work together well for such an ambitious project.

I don’t want to discourage you at all, , I just think your journey is longer than you think, not impossible at all.

You need to learn python first, if you know basic html you can move on to scrapy. If you don’t know anything about <div>'s or the DOM model, you will have a hard time using scrapy.

You should get this working outside anvil as a separate project. (similar sentiment to what Phil said above) You should use anvil either at the same time while following some tutorials to help you learn python, or wait until you have a MVP with scrapy.

…or abandon the whole thing with web scraping, Anvil is a wonderful tool for putting any idea on the web, you could always do something else and be very successful! I would not consider this a negative, failing fast is worth more than believing in a sunk cost fallacy.


Wow thanks for the very creative analogy there @ianbuywise !

No worries! I’m taking all these as positive.

The community here is very helpful.

I may just pause this idea for now.

Will take your comment as a sign to move on.

I’ll start another thread for a new idea and will still build it in public.

I just need to know which python data visualization package is the best or beautiful in the eyes. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

You will find lots of examples on the forum, try going through a whole bunch of the posts here in the Show and Tell - Anvil Community Forum .

Mix it up with the Anvil blog and check out some of the podcasts @meredydd et al have made showcasing some of the impressive projects many people (some are regulars on the forum here) have developed.

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Will definitely do your advice @ianbuywise ! Thanks! Really appreciate it!

I assume we can still build unlimited apps in the Personal Plan yes?

Since it says “Everything in Free plus…” where in Free Plan it says “Build unlimited apps”…

Does it mean unlimited apps with custom domains and without Anvil banners too?

Yes, the only difference between the personal vs professional plans worthy of note is the speed of the underlying server module virtual machine (hardly noticeable if your code is optimized), it has 1/2 as many (but still plenty) of maximum data table rows, and the number of outgoing emails is only 1k instead of 10.

Many of us here have hundreds of apps.

also to be clear this means the names, unless you choose a Domain Name provider that you can connect your personal domain name to, it will also support that.