Automagical anvil art shop

My friend is an awesome designer and artist so I built him a site for him to sell HD prints of his work. You can order posters, canvas, or framed prints in any size - perfect for any wall in your house.

It has a corresponding admin app where he can manage the art pieces for sale. Printing is done automagically and arrives in the mail after a few days.

Thinking of making this a platform where artists could pay a fair fee to host their art for sale and book commissioned work.

Would love your feedback!


Looks good.

Don’t see why that couldn’t be a commercial app.

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That’s pretty sweet!

i think so too, all i need to do is add multi-user functionality. the prints come out really nice

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Clicking on the site link, getting this error:

This app has experienced an error

Same, here is the expanded error message.