Anvil sliders initialization level value

I’m trying to set initial values for different sliders, so when I open the form
If the value I set for the slider while initializing is less than or equal to 10 sliders are working fine but in the value is greater than 10 after running the app slider’s start value is stuck to 10

my min value is 0, max value is 100 and initial level is 50 (the initial value here showing is 10, but displaying 50)

Move your slider initialization code to the form_show event handler:

  def form_show(self, **event_args):
    self.slider_1.slider_max = 100
    self.slider_1.slider_min = 0
    self.slider_1.level = 50
    self.slider_1.step = 1
    self.label_3.text = self.slider_1.level

Not really important, but if anyone at sees this, the following slider component code is duplicated:

  def level(self):
    return self._level
  def level(self, value):
    self._level = value

hey thank you,
can you please share app with changes in my anvil app clone