🎥 Anvil + Raspberry Pi Pico W on the PiCast Podcast

ICYMI Meredydd was on the PiCast podcast to show off using Anvil with a Raspberry Pi Pico W!

The Pico W is Raspberry Pi’s powerful WiFi-enabled microcontroller board. Using the Anvil Uplink, you can connect your Pico W to an Anvil app. Meredydd sat down with the lovely people from Tom’s Hardware to build two projects, live on stream:

  1. Displaying a message on an e-ink display
  2. Logging data from a sensor

Watch the episode to learn how it’s done:


New to Anvil, enjoyed the podcast, learnt alot. I am a hobbyist and a beginner. After watching the podcast and hours on the the internet, I managed to:
To emulate your paper ink display demo, but using a i2c LCD connect to pico w. Messages can gen entered on the app and with the submit button will call a function in the pico to display the message on the LCD passed from Anvil message box.

Next I tried to do the same with a max7219 led matrix, with the intention of sending a message so the “message” will be display continuously (scrolling). However it only scroll the display once, then the anvil web connection timed out. I suspect this could be due to the max7219 scrolling function is an infinite loop (contains a while true), tying up the pico and prevent any handshaking (could b wrong).

As mentioned I am a beginner, so any pointers would be appreciated.