Anvil offline errors

I’m seeing a few Anvil Offline errors in long running apps, as well as :

“We could not find an app that matched your request.”

Hi @david.wylie,

Are these errors when you are running the app in/from the Editor or when they are deployed?


IDE, but sorry I meant to update that it seemed to have gone away (suffering with Covid is my main defence). So all good at the moment for me.

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No problem. Let us know if you see them again and we will investigate.

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I am having random anvil offline errors as well. At first I experienced only in the IDE, but a couple of weeks ago I got some reports from my users, that the website is not working. Nowadays I can see it pop up sometimes in my logs.

I saw some threads, where others experienced the same issue, where they concluded, that some browser extension may cause the issue. So I also tried their solution out. Deleted extensions, then cookies, then basically cleaned my whole browser, but the issue remained.

The most frustrating thing is that I can not reproduce the issue. It just occurs, when a function has to call the server.

I wrote an email to, hoping that we can investigate it further, unfortunately I did not receive any response.

The last time it occured, it was on 11th of July, but I can not figure out, what causes it.

Looking back at the logs, I noticed a slightly different error stating, that AppOfflineError: Connection to server failed (1006).

This issue has made some headaches, but hopefully it will be soon fixed.

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I’m basically getting them every morning in the IDE, meaning I have to refresh the IDE tab.

It’s not too much of a bother, but it never used to happen.