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Anvil Feature Road Map

Hi Anvil Team,

Is there a feature road map available?
I have seen a few comments on the forums about features to come and wondered if there was an official road map.




Hi there - and welcome to the forum!

As a policy, we don’t pre-announce Anvil features in public (although support plan customers do receive some road-map information). We prioritise everything we do in response to user demand, and it’s easier to be responsive and change our priorities if we haven’t already made promises!

Hi @meredydd,

I am an anvil enthusiast, and since I joined anvil, I have been enjoying every minute I spent working with anvil! I love for anvil to get better and better, and obviously feature requests forum is a valuable tool to collect users’ inputs, but I feel itis a little bit hard to track.
I am wondering if you can change this part of the forum to a voting page, where every member can add a suggestion/request and then the other members can vote for/support this request to be in the development priority list. Additionally, any request that has been completed can be marked as completed, so we can track the new features and be able to use it.

Just a thought!
Thank you :blush: