Anvil Extras v2.4.0

We’ve just released Anvil-Extras v2.4.0 with our non_blocking module promoted from Anvil-Labs

Details can be found in the non_blocking docs

Bug Fixes

  • augment - adding event handler like click to a button will no longer fire twice #412
  • autocomplete - fix suggestions position on mobile in M3 design #413
  • tabs - tweak css for better mobile experience #421
  • autocomplete - changing the suggestions will force the UI to change #426

Whoa, non-blocking is a big one! Nice work!


Great to see non_blocking make its way into Anvil Extras! Are there any breaking changes?

No, they’d be listed if there were and we user sematic versioning, so that would mean v3.

FYI, the Git repository shows the latest release as “2.2.0”, back in March.

Yeah, I got lazy about doing github releases!