Anvil Custom Template Store

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to introduce something I’ve been working on for the past few months: a store where I’m selling custom Anvil templates

I’ve been building various custom designs to give people options for professional looking websites that are tailored to the Anvil platform. They have been designed so that you can just drag and drop Anvil components, change background images and logos, and various other cool features. I take inspiration from other websites on the internet then build them using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Each template has a theme with a color scheme which can be changed via the color scheme tab - easy and simple. The navigation uses the hash routing from anvil_extras, so all templates are fully navigable.

At the moment there are 5 templates for sale and another 3 in the works. I will be releasing more and more every week, so eventually we can really expand the reach of the Anvil community. The goal is to provide good front-end designs so you can stick to only using Python and don’t have to worry about the HTML, CSS and Javascript. All the while having a really professional-looking website at an affordable price. For those worried about payment security issues, I’ve used the Stripe API following all security recommendations, my business is legally registered in Denmark with all information available on my website, and I’ve been in contact with Meredydd about this idea to which he expressed his support.

When you buy a template, you get access to all updates as well, so if there is a problem it will be fixed and you will have instant access. There are also subscription-based services in the works for access to all templates at various tiers - this is coming soon, but information is already on the website. I do expect there to be some issues in the beginning stages which I will resolve on an ongoing basis, but I will appreciate all help, comments and suggestions from everyone in the community. I hope that this will become a valuable resource for the community and anyone looking for affordable Python-based web apps.

Hope to hear from you all,


Firstly, well done! I think Anvil needs something like this.

I think you should also look at providing admin panel style templates. Purely based on my unscientific observations, I think a large section of Anvil users produce internal and customer facing panels for stats, data manipulation and control of external (to Anvil) processes. I do this pretty much exclusively. I’m endlessly trying to reproduce things like this -

and I would certainly pay for a well done reproduction of something like that. I don’t underestimate the work involved, though.

Just food for thought :slight_smile:

PS - That’s not to say the Material template is not good. It is, but it’s not as complete as something like adminlte. At least in my opinion.


Hi @david.wylie,

I think you provide some really good insights. It’s something I had not really considered, so I’m definitely going to start making some admin panel style templates. My plan for the templates was to have a large selection, but of course if Anvil users are skewed towards a certain type of design then it makes sense to focus on that.

I’m glad you like what I’m doing and I appreciate your feedback!


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The site isn’t working for me (android):

@owen.campbell It might be due to the segment analytics and an incorrect import. I think I solved the problem, so if you could try again, I would appreciate it. If it still persists could you just send me which browser version you are using and which page you are accessing (if it isn’t the home page)? You can send an email to if you don’t want to post browser info here.

Thank you and regards,

It’s working fine now!

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Congratulations on getting the theme store up and running!

For my part, I use Anvil to write web apps, not websites. The themes you have so far are all perfectly wonderful website themes, not web app themes, so wouldn’t be of interest to me. From the examples, I can’t even tell if they support a sidebar panel, etc.

The sorts of themes that would fit the types of apps I create would be more like the custom one created for the ticketing system tutorial: A fully-featured ticketing system, built with Anvil

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Hi @jshaffstall,

That’s a very good point, I also agree it would be beneficial to provide those kinds of themes. I do have something along those lines in the works, so I will put some more work into that and hopefully get that out soon.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it!


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Where might I find the licence terms that would apply if I were to make a purchase?

@owen.campbell The popup which contains the “single-use license” are the terms you are agreeing to, but I think the wording isn’t matching, so it’s causing the confusion. I will change the wording to be clearer.

What pop up? Does that only happen if I click to buy?

I’m not going to do that without having seen the terms that might apply!

The terms and conditions popup after clicking the buy button (option to cancel is also there) then once accepted, you proceed to the payment popup. Do you suggest it would be better to have the Terms and Conditions on the Product tile (or at least a link)?

Yeah, even a small link in the footer. I always look for those terms before clicking anything!


Thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to add that!

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Hi Stephan - I missed your original post but noticed it in the recent Anvil Forum email summary… Congratulations! Looks really exciting I’m pretty sure I’ll be a customer very soon.

I think you’ve identified a real niche here. I’m exactly the kind of Python developer you describe when you say “The goal is to provide good front-end designs so you can stick to only using Python and don’t have to worry about the HTML, CSS and Javascript”.

Perfect. Well done :slight_smile:

If you’re on Twitter please send me a Tweet with screenshot and link etc. and I’ll be delighted to share it. @awsom_solutions

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@AWSOM, thanks so much for the positive feedback. I’m glad that what I’m building could be helpful to you. As I start gaining momentum, the quality and quantity of products on the site will be increasing, so I’ll keep you updated on that.

I haven’t yet set up a Twitter account for my company, but as soon as I do I will send you the screenshot and link. I really appreciate the support!

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Hey everyone, I’ve done some updates to the website ( to improve the layout and functionality. I’ve also created a fully working forum, so I encourage those who are interested in the templates to post what you are looking for.

I’ve taken note on the previous comments on this thread and I’m working towards creating more “Dashboard-like” templates such as the Ticketing system and those from I will be posting progress on my own forums about that. I also hope that those people are are interested could take a look at the forum I custom built in Anvil.

@AWSOM I have create a Twitter account, so I would be grateful if you can post something with a tag to my site. My company handle is @SPSDigitalTech

I will start rolling out new templates as soon as possible - the forum design and functionality took longer than expected. As always if you find any problems, I would appreciate a heads up on that.


Nice job!


All the best,


@AWSOM Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support :muscle:

Hey everyone, I’ve finally got a good dashboard template up and running which is mobile responsive and quick to load the components. Especially based on the suggestions of @david.wylie and @jshaffstall, I’ve pivoted to creating dashboard designs rather than traditional websites. I’m hoping to get more designs out faster since I’ve found a good way to add components faster and quicker, I think this will be the case. Take a look at the new basic dashboard template together with the documentation on the “documentation” tab which describes how to use the template. I plan to add documentation for all new templates, so I’ll keep you posted.
Here are the links:
Main website:
New template:
Documentation: Chart - SPS Digital Tech Documentation

If you have any requests for designs please let me know and I’ll make designs that the community actually wants so it can save time for you to focus on developing awesome apps :slight_smile: