Anvil contractor needed

We are looking for: Anvil developer to join our startup. Preferably someone with a few Anvil projects under their belt. HTML/JS, Python to add some more custom components. Experience with AWS a plus.

This job is: Contract Work

Location: Remote

About the position:
**** is a B2B Fintech SaaS, helping investors (mainly renewable energy investors) access derivatives pricing and analytics.

We’ve built our product in Anvil and we’re constantly iterating, testing and pushing out new features.

The work will involve:

  • Helping build some more complex custom components (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Adding some form validation to our current forms
  • Improving UI/UX with some custom components
  • Improving load speed by cleaning code we already have
  • Understanding how our app interacts with our models sitting in an AWS server

There will also be more work to come!

How to apply:
Please send me an email at with details of your background and any Anvil projects you have worked on.


Wow, this is a cool opportunity. Glad to see anvil being utilized more and more!

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Hey @ahmed.babikir just sent you an email :slight_smile: