Anvil Coaching Session

Hello – I am looking for someone experienced with anvil to have a 30-60 min coaching session with. I have my app built for the most part, but there are small bits and pieces I have questions about. I know the questions are not too difficult for someone that has more experience and I can send them beforehand. During the zoom call I’d just like for us to walk though the app and you can tell me what changes I need to make to get everything working correctly. I will, of course, pay the asking rate for the session.

To give you a better idea here are some of the issues I would like some help with:

  • How to use the messaging feature from the anvil-extras in events? I have subforms I want to communicate with the main form once they’ve been successfully completed.
  • How to change a buttons hover color for individual buttons instead of changing the theme?
  • How to get the chips from the anvil extras package to select and deselect?
  • How to properly setup validation module? I have an idea, but I know it’d save a lot of time just too quickly go over it.
  • Why the login popup is not working properly? The login popup is not working correctly in app, and I cannot figure out why.
  • How to change the background of cards to images?

I am grateful for any help you might be able to offer!

Sidenote: Once the app is built out I will also be looking to higher someone that’s really good with UX to go through and make the app look really nice and professional.

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