Adding a video to my web application (Video too large)

Hey Everyone.

I have been trying to add a video to my App and I have seen a couple of examples through the forum.
I tried adding it through data tables as a media file but there is a error message restricting the file to 8 MB. The file size is 108 MB. (This is more of a tutorial file to using the app.).

Is there a way to circumvent this ?
I am currently using the Personal subscription. Will upgrading it to professional help solve the problem ?
Grateful for any help you can give.

Update: I managed to upload the file via the data files module.
I am currently looking to embed the video to my Web application.

I have used the code from the code sample given:

This was from a previous query. I managed to get a custom component but I am unable to see the video in my custom component tab.
When I do add that to my startup form I just see a blank window with " Insert your custom html here"
Is there a way to fix this ?
I Appreciate your help.

I have a feeling I am not specifying the right source for the mp4.
I have my video uploaded to files. and using data_files[‘video.mp4’] to access the video.
video.mp4 is the path specified in anvil works.
Is this the correct way of inputting the source ?

Hi @austin.itteyra16,

What is the code that you are adding to the Custom Component HTML?

My mistake, I forgot to check back on this.
I have already solved this issue by uploading it to youtube and then adding in the module.