A listing of all my Tables, and which Apps+Databases use each one

As Tables get shared between Databases, and between Apps, we need a way to track which ones are accessible where.

Yes, we can keep our own notes, but since that’s a manual operation, there’s no guarantee that our notes will always match Anvil’s reality. It’s easy to miss a detail, and have to do some tricky detective work, later, to get a reliable answer. We can get interrupted or sidetracked. If nothing else, we need this as a reality check.

Having the listing displayed (like a Schema) is nice, for a quick look-up. But to automate our reality-checks, I think we also need it in some machine-readable form. Preferably something we can put under Version Control, i.e., a hierarchical text format, so that we can do meaningful diffs.

Ordering the tables (and apps, and columns) by their stable ids, and including those ids, would aid in making meaningful diffs. For example, it would be easy to spot when a rename has occurred. Going by names alone, one could mistake a rename for a drop+add.

And, of course, our Apps’ source-code branches may well disagree with that reality. But getting a matching dump of that data probably belongs in a different Feature Request.

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