6-MAR-2023: Anvil Contractor / Full-Stack

I am working on a project for https://theprotectiongroup.com/, and we want to add some Anvil resources. The app manages patrol performance for The Protection Group.

You would be in a contractor position.

No definitive end date. However, I expect the duration of the project to be “weeks to months.”

The client is based in US Central Time. I am based in US Eastern Time. You will need some overlapping availability with those time zones.

Project Technical Summary
Front-End is Anvil. We are using Anvil Extras, as well as Anvil Tabulator.

Data is all external, accessed via API’s from internally managed API. To help develop and support the API backend, a Full-Stack experience is a plus.

Current Backend Framework

  • FastAPI
  • PostgreSQL

Backend hosted on AWS.

What you’ll be doing
Building new functionality and re-factoring the current code base.

Strong UX / UI skills are a bonus.

Please Outline:

  • Anvil.Work Experience
  • Other HTML / CSS / JS experience
  • Python / Full-Stack Experience

Include sample / portfolio work if possible.

Please also include any profiles

  • GitHub… or other
  • Upwork … or other
  • Linkedin… or other

How to apply:
You can DM me (Tyler) here with your information.

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Hi Tyler,

Is the contract still open?

I’m Top Rated on Upwork and develop anvil apps professionally.
I have all the required experience you’ve mentioned.

Here is my upwork profile link: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~011a7717c20e0797b4

Here are some of my recent works

Give me a knock to discuss further!


I know this is quite stale, but I wanted to formally close this to the community.

This project is no longer active as the client has suspended all projects indefinitely. The cause for suspension is that the client is in the middle of a merger.

I appreciate the support of the Anvil community and the opportunities that might blossom here.