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K3s: Lightweight Kubernetes

K3s provides a single-binary Kubernetes implementation suitable for production workloads with minimal overhead.

Start by collecting the Anvil Enterprise Prerequisites, and the Anvil Kubernetes Prequisites, then install K3s directly on your virtual machine:

curl -sfL | INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="server --disable=traefik" sh -s -

Then copy the kubeconfig file to your local machine and verify that you can connect to the cluster using kubectl:

scp root@hostname:/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml ~/.kube/config
ssh -L6443:localhost:6443 hostname
kubectl get nodes

Network Access

When running in K3s, Anvil will make itself available on ports 80 and 443 of the host machine by default. Add DNS records for your primary and wildcard domains pointing to the machine where you installed K3s.


Anvil will store your App source code and database contents in the default K3s Local Path Provisioner storage location on the local disk unless configured otherwise. It is possible to customise this - please discuss with your Anvil representative for full details.

Install Anvil

Once K3s is installed and configured, you can proceed with the Anvil Enterprise installation process.

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