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Cell Attributes

col - number

This cell’s column index (starting from 1)

input_value - string

The value that was entered into the cell

row - number

This cell’s row index (starting from 1)

value - string

The value in this cell


Instance Methods


Delete this row from the worksheet. (This will cause data in subsequent rows to shift up)


Instance Methods

list_worksheets() → list( instance)

Get a list of all worksheets in this spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Attributes

id - string

The ID of this spreadsheet in Google Drive

title - string

The title of this spreadsheet.

worksheets - list( instance)

The worksheets in this spreadsheet.


Instance Methods

add_row(**fields) → instance

Add a row to the end of the worksheet, specifying values for columns as keywords arguments

    get_cell(row, col) → instance

    Get a particular cell from the spreadsheet

      list_cells([min_row=], [max_row=], [min_col=], [max_col=]) → list( instance)

      List cells in the worksheet, optionally specifying a region

        list_rows(**query) → list( instance)

        List rows in this worksheet, optionally restricting to rows with the specified column values specified as keyword arguments

          Worksheet Attributes

          cells - list( instance)

          A list of all the cells in this worksheet

          column_count - number

          The number of columns in this worksheet

          fields - list

          The fields in this worksheet (ie the column headers, or the values in the first row)

          row_count - number

          The number of rows in this worksheet

          rows - list( instance)

          The rows in this worksheet (excluding the header)

          title - string

          The title of this worksheet

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