Survey Form(Google Form) in Anvil

Hello Dear Forummers!

Is it posible to make in Anvil some kide of Google Form?

  1. My application’s users giving some link from my application’s page to their clients

  2. Clients are answering to the questions

  3. Answers uploaded to the Data Tables to appropriate Client

For example my Application has 3 User - User1, User2 and User3

All users sending some link to their Client - Clients answering - Data automatically come to the Application Data Base and entering to related Data Table
but to the line of Appropriate User:
CLient’s of User1 sending answers to User1
User2 don’t see answers of Client of User1

Thank you advance !

Yes, all of that is possible. You’ll need to build up foundational skills in Anvil first, though. I suggest going through the tutorials, and after you’ve completed the multi-user tutorial do some forum searching on Anvil Extras and the routing module (that will give you the ability to share links to individual forms in your app).

This might help :wink::

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Great job Allan ! Thank you very much - I will review it !

Anvil Extras is excellent - Thank you Jay !