Site Notifications

Is there no system in Anvil to show notifications? I’m not talking about site notification which will show even when the user has not opened the site.


Have you seen the “Notification” method?

A quick search in the docs will show alerts, notifications, and confirmation pop ups.

Oh wait, I’m so sorry. I accidentally ended up typing the complete opposite message.
I was talking about site notifications actually, not the built in alerts and notifications function on anvil. I’m already aware of them.

What I want is for the users to receive notifications even if they close the website

Anvil can send emails and use background tasks.

Other than this ideas I’m personally not aware of any other approaches. Others may know.

A progressive web app would have functionality to send notifications but at this point there is still some work to get Anvil apps PWA ready.

You should have a look at this post and see If you can further the progress.

I’m still a foreigner to most of the concepts of Java and HTML world. I guess there is no way to achieve this as of now :upside_down_face: