Professional questionnaire service based on Anvil

Remote one-project position.
What is approximate budget and time estimation (in comments or PM me).

Brief description:

Moderator/admin forms a questionnaire by selecting needed questions and sections from the pull of questions. Admin panel should also have a drag&drop list to edit questions order.

Question types:

  • yes/no,
  • select one option,
  • multiselection
  • free text.

There can be many questions in each section.
There can be many sections within each questionnaire.
Each question and each section has editable weight that will be used in the final report (visual plots/graphs).

3 roles:

  • users (can be many in each group), there can be many groups
  • group manager,
  • moderator/admin

Within the group users can chat between them and group manager.
And they can send separate email from the form to get technical support.

User manager see the progress of each user from the group for each questionnaire that this group has access too.

When each user of the group finish the questionnaire -

Final PDF report is generated.

It can be generated fully automatically with visual graphs for each section (section weight and questions weights) and some text that depends on the final weights.

And there should be an option to edit it manually by the moderator/admin.

Simple static web pages with brief description of the questionnaires and content of the project.

~60-70% of the project has a draft that is built using/planned to use:

And for PDF reporting

Hello, in case it helps with your development, I wrote an open source survey and reporting platform with Anvil. Feel free to make use of it if it helps you.



Good luck and happy development.


Thanks @campopianoa
It’s very interesting, and I hadn’t found it before.