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Need html/css help - move hamburger menu and sidebar to right side

If someone who has done this before could instruct me on this, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @joinlook,

This should be what you’re after: Option to move sidebar to the right

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Hi @bridget
I am trying to merge your APP with Anvil standard’s in order to get a “2 sidebar” template.
I’m almost done but I can’t find out why the “burger menù” on the right is still on the left of the Links flowpanel.
In your app it’s nicely the rightmost element.
Maybe I’ve messed a bit too much around with CSS and page template…
I’ll keep trying to make this work but in the meantime if someone can have a look and improve on this I think it could be useful to many.

My target is to rewrite with Anvil a legacy web application that had the 2 sidebars structure.

Thanks and BR

Hi @aldo.ercolani,

Here’s a tweaked version with the burger menus floating right and left correctly:

All I did was to move your right-sidebar-toggle higher up in the HTML. Both the app-bar-nav and sidebar-toggle-right elements have the float: right; property. We need to apply the float: right; property to the sidebar before the app-bar-nav for it to remain the rightmost element.


Ok, I see now.
Thanks a lot!!