👋 Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone I’m Ian

I found anvil by searching the term “make a website with python” …for about 8 years!
(only getting django and flask as the answer)

I worked at a site selling auto parts in the USA where I wrote the python code and someone else did the web stuff, now I work at a different company where I can do it all myself with Anvil!


Hi all, I’m Jay.

My day job is teaching computer science at a university, but my passion is building apps in Anvil. My big project is https://detectivesguild.com/ , but it’s currently in a stage where marketing is more important than new features (boo!), so I’m having to find other apps to put my time into.


Hello eveyone, I’m Gabriel.

I live in Brazil and work as a Java / Angular / Centura TD developer at a company here, while working on personal projects in Python using Anvil. I found out about anvil around 4 years ago and it’s wonderful to see how much changed since then.

My current main project here is an app to schedule movie sessions with friends, watch those movies during webcall, review the movies, create a ranking, etc. All of that using anvil!
If anyone want to check it out: https://pnf-producoes.anvil.app/ (WARNING: It’s currently available only in portuguese).


Hi all,

I’m James. I’ve been using Anvil for a couple of years now in the private sector and am bringing the knowledge into the public sector. I’ve just submitted for a well known accelerator programme and will be building everything in Anvil.

Glad to be part of this community and am learning all the time.


Hi all,

I’m David, an English-Welsh chimera who moved from London to Bath in the UK nearly 20 years ago. I run various telecoms businesses (VoIP & SMS) from my home office and I use Anvil (almost) exclusively for all my web based management panels (used by myself and my clients).

When not half finishing a project, I can often be seen roaming the Somerset countryside, barely covered in fragments of animal fur, smelling of raw meat and frightening the Alpacas.


Hi all :ocean:,

I’m Allan :canada: and I work as a data scientist at Deepnote.

In my previous role, I used Anvil a lot and loved every second of it.

My last project was a survey and reporting platform (still working on publishing that).

Sure, I don’t require Anvil for my current role but I sing its praises any time I can—and I loved the community so much I couldn’t bear to leave :raised_hands:.


Hi all,

I am Emanuele :it: and I am running a small no-code & low-code agency based in Italy and Uk.

I am here to use Anvil to test a side project and see what I can do with the platform.



Hi all,

I’m Ferry and live in the Netherlands. After working 20+ years in selling and demonstrating ‘Enterprise’ software I took the plunge and started my own software company. It is still in the startup phase and at the moment i’m very busy with developing my first ‘killer app’ in Anvil!


Great thread initiative!

Howdy all :wave:

I am Tobias, a former industrial automation and SCADA engineer based in Sweden :slight_smile:
A few months ago I started my own business, hoping to make the world a better place using Anvil.

I do see a great business opportunities within the building automation industry and Anvil makes the development phase and the integration phase sooooo much faster then traditional softwares.

My Anvil portfolio are at the moment just https://bokning.optikerhuset.se/ which is an optician booking app (in Swedish) and it is integrated with a on-site database using the Anvil Uplink. But there are more apps to come :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone, I’m John Underhill, a long-time full-stack web developer from Oregon in the USA. Among other things, I helped develop Vocab Victor Classroom in Anvil, which uses Google Firebase as the back end (we wrote a client-side wrapper for Anvil). We love Anvil because we can use Python everywhere, and because the folks here are so friendly and upbeat. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all,

I’m Esben from Denmark, a full time industrial automation engineer.

I’ve been programming Python on/off for the last ~5 years, doing smaller hobby projects for myself and automating repetitive tasks at work (of which there are many, in my profession!).

After hearing about Anvil on the Real Python podscast last year, I did a freelance project, learning Anvil, and honing my Python skills.

This year, I have been developing a customized CRM system for a customer, and I am now currently in the planning phase, of making the system available to more customers.

When I’m not writing buggy code, I enjoy kayaking, going to concerts, and playing boardgames.

While I’m here, I’d like to thank the whole Anvil team, as well as the community, for all the help, inspiration and positive energy! :ok_hand:



I am James and I use Anvil to give my automation scripts a nice interface any member of my team can use. Development is not my day job so Anvil has helped massively in getting my “scrappy” scripts accessible. Going forward I will be using Anvil for an interface for some NLP activities.



I’m Dan and I work with Baker Tilly, out of Madison Wisconsin in the US. Our team uses Anvil for a fairly wide range of use-cases internally and externally (for our clients). For us, the benefits in developer productivity is where Anvil really shines!

I also use Anvil personally, mostly to monitor one aspect or another of my home brewing setup :slight_smile:.


I am Aaron from Salzburg and we develop simulators (for innovation management and sustainability) to support organisation to improve their innovation/sustainability power.
I started with python and had all the hustles with html, css etc. - Now I can cope with it by support of anvil - great.


Hi to everybody, i am an economist and financial advisor with passion for code and visual programming. So it is simple toa ppreciate and utilize anvil software for my personal tool. I stasrted this week to code.


Hi I’m Jason from Texas.
I’m a trained classical musician who had some programming in college (C, C++)…
I have played professionally yet spent the last decades precovid working first as an artist for instrument makes, then on the business/sales team, then as VP of sales of a large musical instrument maker.

Post Covid, we here in the arts are picking up the pieces that broke the arts during covid. I am involved with helping lots of freelancers “get work”… and part of that is getting in control of their computers. Started a year ago learning some python, then tried web developement (wow, things have changed since the 90’s :slight_smile: ) and, after losing my mind a couple of times, I found Anvil.

Worked through some tutorials, and I think it is the right balance for people like me. You guys do lots of the heavy lifting, but give us granular control of key things.

I’m looking forward to replacing many of my nerfed spreadsheets with Anvil/Python apps, as well as helping others in the arts free themselves from the shackles of “free websites”.

Looking forward to learning and hopefully giving back.


Hi everyone,

I’m Robert. My main role is a data science educator and university administrator in Mongolia (I’m originally from Texas). I also just started a data blog, datafantic, where I use data to tell help understand the world around us.

I built our university student information system in Anvil and I’ve made various other apps with Anvil as well. While I don’t use Anvil as much anymore, it’s still a product I believe in and the community is amazing.


Hi @james2,

You mention NLP: does your team work with group dynamics and efficient communication? Sales?

I found NLP in college as a “performance enhancement tech” for classical musicians. In my sales/sales training career, I want a little “back to the source” and did training/work in Erickson’s work, as well as more “pure” clinical “hypnosis” program. Would be interested to see how you use the web to communicate or “re-frame” :slight_smile: concepts. Looking forward to seeing more!


Ah @jason , the problem with acronyms. I meant Natural Language Processing. Understanding the meaning / intent of what someone has said.

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Hi I’m Deri, based in Canterbury, England.
I morphed into being Founder/CEO at 3 successful companies , after a tech start to my career. And care alot about product dev/MVP/ marketing/Team building. I’m now helping Founder/CEO’s kick off their own growth businesses.
Now looking at Anvil, as something I could perhaps recommend to my Founder network.