AppOfflineError: Constantly happening now

For like the last two days now I’m getting this error all the time. It happens during regular page load events or linking from one page to another. It’s like the session expires and I have to reload the whole app again. Then it works for a couple of pages and then it’s the infinite circle spinning until the “app is offline” comes up. Doesn’t happen in the dev environment. I’m currently using a custom domain, but it was more stable just a few days ago. Nothing in the app logs. This is really frustrating. Anyone else?

Search AppOfflineError in the forum, if you haven’t already, to find the results of others’ troubleshooting this in the past. it could be your internet connection or a browser extension interfering, for instance, though it’s hard to see how those explanations could fit with “Doesn’t happen in the dev environment.”

See also these ideas for more gracefully handling this error:

Thank you @hugetim, this helps

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