anvil.server.TimeoutError: Server code took too long

Hey Team,

Having issues across many functions that normally work just fine. Getting the title error message on many HTTP endpoints. Most of these are as simple as calling a few rows from a table.

It seems to be a little intermittent but is happening semi-frequently, along side this I’ve noticed that the server functions are running much slower than they have done previously.

Would be great to understand what is going on and if I should be concerned.



Hi James,

Sorry about this. We’re aware of intermittent performance issues in some server environments, and we’re deploying a sequence of updates to alleviate the problem. This will take a few more days, but rest assured that we’re on it and there’s nothing you need to do.

Apologies again for the degraded performance in the meantime.

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I have the same problem uploading a csv file in my database

You could try checking this out and see if you still have the same problems:

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