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PyCon UK 2017
Build web apps with nothing but Python.

Thanks for visiting us at
PyCon UK 2017!

It was great meeting all of you. We've gone home and taken the few remaining T-shirts with us, but do check out our tutorials and the project ideas below.

If you want to get in touch, you can drop us an email at See you next year!

Build Something Cool,
Get a T-Shirt

We're out of shirts, but you can still build something cool with Anvil. Need inspiration? We've got a list of ideas to get you started.

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with nothing but Python


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Build something cool,
get a T-shirt.

We want to see what you can build! Show us a web app you've built with Anvil, and we'll give you a nifty Anvil T-shirt. Come and find us at our stand in the Marble Hall.

If you get stuck, come and talk to us. We're happy to help you out.

Need inspiration? Here are some project ideas:

Business card reader

There are tons of interesting people at PyCon, and it's easy to drown in business cards. Why not build an app to organise them digitally instead?


  • Use a FileLoader to take photos of the card on your smartphone.
  • Store the pictures in data tables, as a Media column.
  • Display them with a RepeatingPanel (tutorial)
  • You can even read the text from the cards, using pytesseract. This makes them instantly searchable!

    (You'll need a paid account to run pytesseract in a server module, but you can run it on your own laptop with a trial account using the Uplink.)

PyCon talk picker

Get the most out of PyCon: Build an app to display what talks are coming up next, and where they are.


  • Make a data table of talks, with their start and end times. (You can enter them yourself, or scrape them from the PyCon website with BeautifulSoup).
  • Display them with a RepeatingPanel.

1000 Words

Love XKCD's Thing Explainer? So do we. Build something that checks everything you write to make sure you are using only the ten hundred most used words.


  • Here's a handy word list. You can fetch it every time using the anvil.http module, or fetch it once and store the words in a data table.
  • Use a TextArea to accept user input, then split the string into words and use a Label to display any words that aren't on the list.
  • You might want to allow `-s`, `-ing`, `-ed`, and other common English endings.

Slack Bot

Have you joined the PyCon Slack group yet? Build an app you can interact with over Slack.


Page Me

We have over 700 attendees this year, and it's easy to lose someone — but you don't want to give your phone number to everyone. Build an app that calls your mobile and reads you a message, then give out that URL instead.


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