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Want to share Anvil?

Anvil is great for workshops because it's so quick to build something visual and responsive. If you'd like to run an Anvil workshop, please do!

Guiding people through these step-by-step walkthroughs is a good approach. For more tips, see this short article about how to run a workshop.

Python Dashboard READ

Build a Python dashboard, plotting the latest weather data.

Could be modified to display live business metrics, systems monitoring, sensor data, anything you can put in a graph.


An example of a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) app.

This could form the basis of an ecommerce app, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), or anything that manages data.

Remote Control Panel READ

Runs Python remotely in order to control unit test runs.

Use this pattern to control anything! Continuous Integration workflows, manufacturing Production Equipment Control, Quantative Finance simulations, scientific equipment...