There’s one final step left, and that’s to clear our user inputs each time someone submits feedback.

We’ll do this in a separate function to keep our code nice and clean.

Add this method to your Form, underneath your submit_button_click() method:

def clear_inputs(self):
  # Clear our three text boxes
  self.name_box.text = ""
  self.email_box.text = ""
  self.feedback_box.text = ""

Finally, let’s call this from our submit_button_click method, so that we clear our inputs each time feedback is submitted.

Edit your submit_button_click function to look like this:

def submit_button_click(self, **event_args):
  name = self.name_box.text
  email = self.email_box.text
  feedback = self.feedback_box.text'add_feedback', name, email, feedback)
  Notification("Feedback submitted!").show()
  # Call your 'clear_inputs' method to clear the boxes