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Git Version Control in Anvil

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Anvil is a tool for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python and a drag-and-drop designer. Learn more on our website, or sign up and try it yourself -- it's free!

Anvil uses the Git version control system, and every app created in Anvil is stored in a Git repository. This keeps track of all your changes, and allows you to revert the source code of your app to any previous state. Apps are automatically saved continuously during development, but you can also force a save by typing Ctrl-S (or Cmd-S), or clicking “Save This Version” in the bottom-left of the app editor. You then have the option of entering a custom commit message.

Entering a custom commit message

To manage versions of your app, you can use the Version history dialog, or clone the app with Git directly onto your local machine - see the Anvil Reference for more information.

For enterprise customers, seamless integration with in-house Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment systems is available. Please contact to discuss your requirements.