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Show/Hide rows and columns in Data Grids

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Here’s how to show and hide columns and rows when using Anvil’s Data Grids.

The Expandable Stock Chart Grid example has a box for hiding/showing a row. This is simply done by setting the visible property of the row in question.

Hiding columns is done by modifying the Data Grid’s columns property. Assigning to this property sets what columns the Data Grid has. So to hide a column, remove a column from the list and assign the new list back to columns:

column = [c for c in self.data_grid_1.columns if c['title'] == 'Stock Price'][0]
self.data_grid_stocks.columns = self.data_grid_stocks.columns

To add it back, put it back into the columns list and re-assign the list:

column = [c for c in self.hidden_columns if c['title'] == 'Stock Price'][0]
self.data_grid_stocks.columns = self.data_grid_stocks.columns

For more details, check out the Data Grids tutorial.