When is it possible to edit in multiple tabs?

The best feature in the recent update in my opinion is that it is now possible to edit a file in a different tab: Anvil Changelog.

I have tested it, and I have had mixed results:

  • In some cases I add a button to a form on one window and I see it appearing in the same form open in the second window. Awesome!!!
  • But in other cases I get the old message about the app being modified by another editor and asking me to reload the previous version.

Are there some conditions that need to be met for this to work?
Or did I hit a growing pain bug?

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Also, I’m trying to use this new feature on my Chromebook and its not working in any chromium browsers – in the main machine or the Linux virtual machine.

Interesting, yes I think you’re right - it seems like some growing pains.

Here’s me trying (successfully) to edit two adjacent tabs

2024-04-04 12.30.21

But sometimes it doesn’t work as expected

The mechanism that anvil uses is a websocket
and it looks like the websocket can lose connection without attempting to reconnect
as a workaround, to kick the websocket back into gear, you can open and close the python version config tab (in settings)
(but only if you’re using python 3.10)

(moved to bug reports and we’ll get that fixed)

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We’ve made some improvements, let us know if you’re still seeing the issues described

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