V2 tables client_writable_cascade possible bug

What I’m trying to do:
create a client writable view with:

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:

The error does not occur:

  • if I switch beta tables off (Thus also this Bug Report)
  • in another environment that points to the same commit and same database

Thus I guess this error occurs only if a third environment is added and this environment uses v2 tables and not the default database.

Also all tables have server side access switched to edit.

Code Sample:


Clone link:
Cannot share the clone link here but happy to invite someone from anvil to the app to check the issue out - if needed.

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Hi Mark,

I’m moving this to Bug Reports, and we’ll investigate what is going on. Thanks for flagging the issue!


Hi @mark.breuss,

We haven’t been able to reproduce this one - are you able to point us to a minimal app that demonstrates the problem, or direct us to the actual app with the issue (a /new-build/apps/... link is fine) and tell us how to trigger the exception ourselves?


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Hi @daviesian,

we can’t reproduce the issue anymore since, all I know is that it works since we have changed the data tables to which the environment points. Since then it works fine.

Strange things happening sometimes :woozy_face: but i guess it was some kind of issue when adding environments and chaning databases.

I’ve sent you a link to a session with one of the bugs but i guess without a way to reproduce it this wont be of much use.
Thanks for checking up!


Hi @mark.breuss,

Thanks very much for sending over the additional information. Please let us know if you see the issue again and we’ll start digging and work out what’s going on!

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