Uplink not performing

create quiz application
unable to uplink my python idle file after several tries too
Code Sample:

import random

# Define questions and answers for different topics
topics = {
    "Mathematics": [
            "question": "What is the square root of 64?",
            "options": ["6", "7", "8", "9"],
            "answer": "8"
            "question": "What is the value of pi (approx.)?",
            "options": ["3.14", "3.141", "3.1415", "3.14159"],
            "answer": "3.14"
            "question": "What is the formula for calculating the area of a circle?",
            "options": ["pi * r^2", "2 * pi * r", "pi * d", "pi * r"],
            "answer": "pi * r^2"
    "History": [
            "question": "Who was the first president of the United States?",
            "options": ["George Washington", "Thomas Jefferson", "John Adams", "Benjamin Franklin"],
            "answer": "George Washington"
            "question": "Which country did Napoleon Bonaparte come from?",
            "options": ["France", "England", "Germany", "Russia"],
            "answer": "France"
            "question": "What was the name of the German dictator during World War II?",
            "options": ["Adolf Hitler", "Joseph Stalin", "Benito Mussolini", "Hideki Tojo"],
            "answer": "Adolf Hitler"
    "Science": [
            "question": "What is the chemical symbol for gold?",
            "options": ["Au", "Ag", "Cu", "Fe"],
            "answer": "Au"
            "question": "What is the largest organ in the human body?",
            "options": ["Liver", "Heart", "Brain", "Skin"],
            "answer": "Skin"
            "question": "What is the smallest unit of life?",
            "options": ["Cell", "Molecule", "Atom", "Element"],
            "answer": "Cell"

# Allow users to select a topic
print("Welcome to the Quiz! Please select a topic:")
for i, topic in enumerate(topics.keys()):
    print(f"{i+1}. {topic}")

topic_index = int(input("Enter topic number: ")) - 1
selected_topic = list(topics.keys())[topic_index]

# Shuffle questions
questions = topics[selected_topic]

# Define score and question index
score = 0
question_index = 0

# Loop through questions
while question_index < len(questions):
    question = questions[question_index]

    # Display question and options
    print(f"\nQuestion {question_index + 1}: {question['question']}")
    for i, option in enumerate(question['options']):
        print(f"{chr(i + 65)}. {option}")

    # Allow user to select an answer
    answer = input("Enter your answer (A/B/C/D): ").upper()

    # Check if answer is correct
    if answer == question['answer'][0].upper():
        score += 1
        print(f"Sorry, the correct answer is {question['answer']}.")

    question_index += 1

# Display final score
print(f"\nYour final score is {score}/{len(questions)}")

Clone link:
git clone ssh://pratikborle74%40gmail.com@anvil.works:2222/HU4LGYWXLUDBWL3I.git Quiz_Conductor
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Quiz Conductor

Welcome to the forum!

That git clone link is what you would use to download the code to your computer, not the clone link that would allow others in the forum to copy your app. See Anvil Docs | Cloning Apps for screenshots. You want the button that says Copy Link.

I’m also not entirely sure what your question is. It looks like you have a typical interactive Python program from IDLE and you want to make a web app out of it. You would not use uplink for that, you’d create the web app from scratch.

What aspect of creating the web app are you having trouble with?