Unable to open / edit Anvil App

Hello, I am attempting to build a multi-form Anvil App, and am no longer able to open the Anvil Editor. I started creating the project today 03/17/2023.
I’ve attached two screenshots that show what happens when I open my App titled ‘classic 1’. I receive the error message: “Cannot destructure property ‘forms’ of ‘a.content’ as it is undefined.” and can not do anything expect return to the previous screen.

All of my other Anvil Apps open normally.

The error occurred while I was manipulating the page design, and not while I was writing any code.

Please let me know if there’s any additional information that may be of use to provide. Thanks!

(Note: I was going to attached a second image showing my screen located at this url: Anvil | Login, but I am only able to attach one image.)

seconded - I was editing an app during the short outage this afternoon and even after my other apps became editable again I have “Right side of assignment cannot be destructured” in the one.

Perhaps the last commit is corrupted.

If you are able to open the editor, try to check out the previous commit and see if that works.

Can you please send a link containing the ID of your app to support@anvil.works so we can take a look?

Sent, thanks.

@stefano.menci I can’t get far enough into the editor to use the version control interface - the error comes up before any editor controls display.