Stripe Checkout No Response in VPS

I clone the Anvil Shop Template and publish in my VPS

**Everything is fine exept the Stripe Check Out has no response in VPS while it is working in Anvil Web Editor, I haven’t changed any code iin the check out page, the Stripe Checkout simply has no response. I have installed the stripe package in my VPS, still no response, does anyone know why? **

Code Sample:

                                      title="Yummy Fairy",

Clone link:
Online Shop

The website that I publish this shop template to is follow:

Hi I have read the Anvil docs for my question. I have tried it, but the Stripe Payment form simply doesn’t exist in anvil-app-server. Is there any way that I can have the same stripe payment form like the one I have on my own Anvil personl account? Is there a clone link for it? Or do I have to build one using the Stripe.js for the anvil-app-erver?