Renaming Newly Created Forms Lead to Rendering Errors

**What I’m trying to do:**I’m trying to rename a newly created form as usual but rendering of the renamed form fails. Started noticing this since last evening. The error I get is: Something went wrong rendering this part of the anvil editor

**What I’ve tried and what’s not working:**I’ve refreshed my browser, restarted my laptop and cleared cache. Sometimes, I don’t get this error when I create two forms with one of them renamed and the other with default name, but this doesn’t always work. Also, I observed that the error pops up if I have a form called Rooms for example and try to add a new form and rename it to Room. It doesn’t show if I rename the new form to Roomx.

Code Sample:

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Thanks for reporting, Are able to provide a step by step guide to reproducing?

I wasn’t able to reproduce from the description.

My Workflow:

  1. Click on Add Form
  2. Select Blank Panel
  3. Rename the form to desired name (Eg. Room).
  4. The rendering error shows up if there was already a form with name Rooms
  5. Rename form to Roomx, no errors

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