Prate, where you Prattle

Social media keeps getting more an more, ahem, interesting. So, I set myself a hobby challenge, empowered by Anvil.


I gave myself a time budget of 24 hours of spare time over the last couple of weeks to design and produce an Alpha phase social network.

I just hit the time limit.

What’s built? Well…

The posts, replies, rich text editor with Gifs, timeline, followers, following, profiles, video calls (yes), advertisers, adverts, and billing, verification and billing, research access (API endpoints out of time), community boards, network visualiser (I think I’ll do some sort of tutorial on this if the anvil team is interested?)…and search.

Mobile device ready? Yup.
Progressive Web App (Downloadable)? Yup.
Stripe integrated? Yup.
Terms, policies, content filtering, blocking, muting, reporting and banning? Yup.
One click delete me? Yup.
Ad flagging? Yup.
Verification isn’t FUBAR? Yup.
Policy? Yup.

And the content algorithm? Well, it’s on the front menu so everyone can see it.

What’s not there:
Direct messaging because a) haven’t had time to write the end to end encryption and b) end to end encryption might not be legal in the UK soon, so it seemed silly.

All in all, I’m quite pleased.

The concept is a fresh take on social media, learning the lessons of the social media hellmouth of the last few years. It’s a tidy AND complete product in 24 hours, not a skateboard MVP of a truck.

Investment: 24 hours free time, £0.00

Potential? The sky…

To spread the love around Anvil and this little project, you can find posts about it on:



As well as Anvil’s core IDE components, I’ve used Pills, Tabs, and Switches from the amazing Anvil.Extras and it was remiss of me to now shout them out!


Looks like some of the anvil-extras components had a good run out here!
Great stuff.

Absolutely, first time I’ve really played with them. pills, tabs and switches from what I remember!

Some custom CSS, a hover event and a v2 of the tonal-card, and some THREE!

Haven’t had time to optimise server calls etc. yet, but I might give myself a whole extra day for that!