Plotly Version Upgrade

The current version of plotly looks to be 4.14. Could we get it upgraded to the latest version 5.10 or 5.5 at a minimum?

There were some cool features release in 5.5 that would make life a lot easier (the text_auto arg is one of those).

Thank you in advance.


Hi @rickhurlbatt,

Thanks for raising this. We have a number of other things in the queue that we’re prioritising at the moment but updating Plotly is on our list.


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Awesome thanks @ryan, much appreciated. Excited to see what the new things might be :smiley:

This was a good point for Rick to raise.

I am glad to hear from Ryan that the Anvil team plan to keep Plotly up to date in due course. Having investigated the various plotting options available in Anvil, I found that Plotly is by far the best for creating custom interactivity


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