Open source runtime on a LAN with no internet access

I confess I’ve not tried this out yet, but the reason is I’m not sure that by trying it I’ll necessarily have a definitive answer.

Can I run an Anvil app on a LAN which has no internet access using the open source runtime? I will have access briefly to install everything, but then it will be removed.

Broken down into known unknowns :

  1. does Anvil “phone home”, and if it does, does it have to?
  2. can I locally host all external JS/whatever dependencies without any issues?
  3. does anyone know the steps (beyond a normal local install)?

Obviously I have to try this out, but I guess I’m asking to see if anyone know for sure if it can or can’t be done, and whether there are any known gotchyas in doing this.


edit 1 - by runtime I mean the app server.

Yes, you can do all this. Have a look at Amoni

Actually, I was when I wrote this :slight_smile:

What I couldn’t ascertain from there or anywhere else was whether an internet connection is necessary once the app is up and running locally.

It looks like you can run offline (only testing will truly tell) but I don’t know what really goes on in the background.

No Internet connection is necessary.