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Multiple Modal Overlays

I have a few apps where the editing of information would really benefit from having multiple modal overlays similar to multiple dialog boxes in a Windows program. Below is a JSFiddle I found on StackOverflow that seems to demonstrate pretty much what I’m thinking of.

In terms of Anvil usage, I feel like this would happen when an alert or confirm is opened from inside a form that is already contained in an alert or confirm, allowing for multiple overlays.

Is this functionality somewhere on the Anvil road map, or might it be possible to achieve something like this already and I just don’t know where to start looking?



I’ve wanted to open an alert from inside an alert more than once (I put fairly complex forms into alerts at times). It’d be handy if this were possible.

Yes i was just trying this today. It turns out an alert called from within an alert opens once the first alert closes. I love alerts and i would love them even more if they could be nested.

Not a direct answer, but used to I dynamically insert an “alert” form before or after some field which triggered it, styled so it looked a little like an alert (borders, etc.). Bit of a hack, agreed.

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Currently when you make an alert(content,…) within an alert the new alert only shows when the previous is closed. Please redesign alerts so they can be nested.

I would also like to have this option enabled as there are some situations where it would be helpful.

Anybody here?
Interested in this functionality too.


Is it possible now to trigger an alert from inside another alert? if so how?

This would be excellent.
Would having nested alerts create problems with robustness?
What is the alternate way of doing this?

Thanks in advance for the help.