Media Objects in Data Grids

Im quite new to Anvil and I am trying to get files (PDFs) to show (and be downloadable) in Data Grids

Currently its showing up as this:


Is there any way to have the PDFs in the “files” column be clickable for download?

This is how im populating the Data Grid:

Client code:
self.repeating_panel_1.items ='getAdminPDFs')

Server Code:

def getAdminPDFs():
  if anvil.users.get_user() is not None:


The workflow is typically something like:

  1. Edit the Row Template.
  2. Put a button object or link object in the column you would like to represent the files.
  3. Have the click event of this object (the code in the row template will generate for you when you double click the object in the ide, from inside the row template) use the['the_name_of_the_column_from_your_data_table']) method found below to trigger the file to be downloaded to the users browser, from that specific row.

Thank you so much!!!