LeveeLogic for levee safety - update

Time for an update… I shortly left Anvil and used Flutter again to try and build my web app but then the lovely team of Anvil surprised me with the beta python 3.10 option which brought me back to Anvil… so I rewrote the app using the new beta environment and also with downsizing the server / database requests for extra speed.

I now have a lot of new functionality which was quite easy to write.

So here is the homepage which shows all the available project a user has

Then we go to the project page where data maintenance is done by uploading files

Then there is a page to generate a calculation file out of the uploaded data… really nice!

Or you can use this page to edit some metadata

Or this page to plot the data

And yet another page for some more meta data management

Or this page to visualize some important levee data

You get it… it might be work in progress but things are moving at least 5x faster than my original Flutter app. The only thing that worries me is the performance right now but I think this will improve if the beta will come in production or if I upgrade my subscription… let’s see what the future brings but Anvil is really nice!


impressive work there.

Really nice app, well done! May I ask which theme you are using there?