[FIXED] UplinkDisconnectedError for Functions on Server Module

In short, I have two identically named functions: one on a server module and one on an Uplink server on my local machine, and both of them have the @anvil.server.callable decorator. I then connect the Uplink server to the app at least once. Then, with the Uplink server disconnected, I call the function using anvil.server.call('foo') in my app, and I get the following error:

The uplink server for 'foo' has been disconnected at Form1, line 13

This makes me think that running an Uplink server registers or caches the names of its callable functions somewhere, and once this happens, the app will not look to see if there’s a similarly named function anywhere else. Is there a way to clear this registry so that I can call the functions from the server module again?


Thanks for spotting this - moved to bug reports. This shouldn’t happen - I’ll update here when fixed.

This is now fixed (as of a couple of days ago.)


anvil.server.UplinkDisconnectedError: The uplink server disconnected at [Form.RowTemplate13, line 56]

It is happening again. Can somebody fix it? thank you!

I think this issue might be back. I’ve bee fooling are=round with a clone of turn photos into paintings on pythonanywhere. This morning it but about a couple of hours ago I started getting this.