[FIXED] Internal server error: ae5da609b92d

I’ve started to see Internal server error: ae5da609b92d when calling a line of code that has worked for a while. The error number seems to change, I’ve also seen 46d91bfa3948 and b356ff80aaba.

I have been calling this from the client side but it also fails when I move it to the server side:

user = anvil.users.login_with_email(signup_form.text_box_email.text, signup_form.text_box_password.text)

If I look in Chrome DevTools, I see this as an error message:

What’s extra strange is that I can run this same function when running with “Launch server REPL” in the IDE.

Has anyone else noticed an issue like this?

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Yeah, me too.

Mine is the signup_with_email() function that has worked forever.

Something has broken…

Mine is working again.

Mine too - confirmed fixed by Anvil support as well.

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Thanks for reporting and apologies for the disruption, this was fixed shortly after the report.