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[FIXED] Google Sheets get formula from cell (input_value)

Did something change in using Anvil to get Google sheets formulas?

Previously, I wrote a program to get a formula from a cell, something like:


now “input_value” is not available, only “row” “col” and “value”

did something change? Is there another way to access a Google Sheet formula?


Thanks for reporting moved to bug reports

Just checking in to see if this bug was addressed, it still appears that when using Google Sheets


still does not work, but it used to.

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@sprince - apologies for the delay in this. We’ll be releasing a fix for this soon and we’ll update this thread when we do.

Google has a habit of updating their apis in a non backwards compatible way, which is what’s happened here. This feature got lost in a migration over to their current api and it wasn’t caught by our tests. Thanks for your patience.


that fix should now be live.

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