[FIXED] Error: Server code exited unexpectedly

a long non-modified app of mine, this morning gives this strange error I’ve never seen before:
ExecutionTerminatedError: Server code exited unexpectedly: 0e8e029ab9
The hexadecimal code at the end changes every time.
The code apparently giving the error is very, very simple.
This is the row throwing the error in client code:

(rows, download_url) = anvil.server.call('get_completed_docs')

And in server code:

def get_completed_docs():
    result = app_tables.documenti.search(tables.order_by('doc_id', ascending=False))
    download_url = result.to_csv().url
    return (result, download_url)

This code is working flawlessly since november 2020.

Is this a temporary Anvil engine problem?
Ideas? Suggestions?


Hi Aldo,

Sorry about that – and thank you for the error codes! They are references that allow us to look more information up in our logs, which helps us get to the bottom of things.

This issue should now be resolved – let us know if it recurs.

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Yes it works now.

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I am have the same error on code that was working for a while with no issue before.

anvil.server.ExecutionTerminatedError: Server code exited unexpectedly: 4f63ddb744