[Fixed] [Beta] when dragging a tab in the IDE the designer becomes inaccessible after dropping

I use a Macbook with Chrome 102.
Havent tried to reproduce on other devices.

This new feature rocks - though! :ok_hand:

If you need something to reproduce - console logs etc. just hit me with a message.

do you have a gif you could share - or more info about what inaccessible means?

after dropping the tab, the design view reloads.
But once itโ€™s reloaded itโ€™s accessible for me (same setup)

(the reloading will be fixed in the future)

edit: I see the inaccessible behaviour in the tab that was replaced only when dragging left
(switching to code view and back again works ok)
Weโ€™ll get that fixed

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Thanks :ok_hand:

Greetings from Austria,